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5-Hour Zumba Challenge Fundraising Event In Support of SickKids

When:Sunday,June 17,2018


Location:St. George Center

Address:9116 Bayview Ave


Net proceeds will be donated to the Pediatric Advanced Care Team(PACT) at Toronto SickKids Hospital

Why Sickkids and PACT

Each year, more than 100,000 children come to SickKids to receive care. While the vast majority of these children will recover from their injuries or illness, others live longer but are not cured. Many of these children live with unique and complex health care needs and some of them will die before reaching adulthood.The loss of a child is devastating, and caring for children with life-limiting conditions and their families takes a special kind of care.Pediatric Advanced Care Team (PACT) at SickKids, is one the first Pediatric Palliative Care Programs in North America. Their mission: PROVIDING THE COMFORT, RESOURES AND CARE FAMILIES NEED DURING THE MOST TRYING TIMES.

In support of SickKids

Zumba Program

  • Zumba basic

    This course teaches you the foundation and formula to teach a Zumba class. You will learn the steps to four basic rhythms (merengue, salsa, cumbia, reggaeton). You'll learn how to put these steps together into a song, and how to create your first Zumba class. We'll provide you with all the tools and resources you will need to teach a Zumba class.

  • Zumba Gold

    This course is designed for any instructor who wishes to teach the active adult population or the true beginner (deconditioned) participant. Zumba Gold addresses the anatomical, physiological, and psychological needs specific to these populations. It also includes a Zumba chair workout. While Zumba Basic prepares you to teach the general exercising population, Zumba Gold specifically prepares you to teach the active older adult.

  • Zumbatomic

    Kids love to crank up the music, shake, wiggle and have a blast with their friends. So why not get fit while they're at it? This course teaches you how to fuse the Zumba program's exciting formula with the psychology and physiology relevant to teaching kids. You'll learn how to modify Zumba moves to get optimal results, and receive tips on discipline and class management. Designed for ages 4-12.

What's Zumba

Zumba is a dance fitness program created by dancer and choreographer Alberto "Beto" Perez in Colombia during the 1990s. The program combines Latin and international music with dance in an effort to make exercise fun.

The Zumba workout provides fitness benefits because its routines feature interval training sessions with fast and slow rhythms and resistance training, which are intended to tone and sculpt the body while burning fat.

Music is the key ingredient to Zumba classes. The score, created with specific beats and tempo changes, transitions the workout from one toning, strengthening or cardio move to another, and targets every major muscle group in the body. The Zumba program borrows Latin flavor from the following dance styles: Cumbia, Salsa, Merengue, Mambo, Flamenco, Chachacha, Reggaeton, Samba, Belly dancing, Bhangra, Hip Hop, and Tango.