Why Zumba

If you want to burn Calories...

Zumba classes usually last about an hour. According to zumbacize.com, in a single class a participant can burn about 600 to 1,000 calories.

If you want to increase happiness...

After a fun workout like Zumba, people may feel more happy and relaxed than they would after doing an exercise they were not thrilled about doing. If someone looks forward to doing the workout, it can be easier and more fun to get through.

If you do not have any dancing experience...

Zumba steps are simple enough for most people to master. There are a very limited number of steps per number, so the choreography is not so complicated that the participant has to concentrate on doing them at the expense of enjoyment. Those who want to try fitness or dance classes but are not adept at mastering choreography can likely do well with Zumba.

If you want to workout Full-Body...

Zumba works the entire body, including the arms and legs. It helps to strengthen the body's core and slim down body, all while doing basic moves.

Zumba FAQ

  • What do I wear to Zumba?

    You can wear any type of fitness clothes to sweat pants, shorts, tank tops, t-shirts; anything comfortable and cool. As for shoes, wear studio or dance shoes - anything that will give you support. Some cross-trainers are not suitable. When you go shopping for shoes, please let the sales person know that you are in a fitness class that does a lot of dancing moves. Please do not wear running shoes to class! You have a great chance of injury if you do!

  • What type of shoes do I wear to Zumba?

    Please do not wear running shoes to class, because you will risk injury. Any type of shoes that are used for Dance, Studio, or Cheerleading will work for your Zumba classes. Some Cross-Trainers will do, just as long as there are not any deep treads on the sole. Just keep this in mind, "If it looks like tire treads on the sole, do not get them". You will be depending on the balls of the feet for movement, pivot of the feet, and smooth transaction of "side-to-side" steps.

  • What can I expect when I come to Zumba?

    Zumba classes are not like your normal, everyday aerobic class. There will hardly be any verbal cueing (but I will continue to use verbal cueing as needed and I will always use hand cueing) and Zumba uses "tracked music" and not continuous music. The Zumba instructor will lead the class in easy, simple movements with a combination of dance and fitness moves. Usually visual and hand cues are given. The music is fun and invigorating and is mostly Latin. As mentioned above, different Latin dance styles will be used, as well as fitness moves, such as bicep curls, lunges, and other body- toning moves. There will be a lot of hip and booty shaking too! Safety is our Number One concern too... If you have any low back or knee problems (or any medical problems), keep your moves basic and ask your Instructor for an alternative way to do the move. The structure of the class starts with a warm-up and proceeds to intervals of faster and slower tempos throughout the duration of the class (AKA Interval Training), ending with a cool-down and stretch. Most of the Zumba classes are cardio workouts...some Instructors may add Hand Weights, a Step routine, or add another form of exercise to Zumba. Just make sure to bring a bottle of water , because you will sweat!

  • What if I'm not coordinated and I can't dance!

    Be patient and don't get frustrated! Zumba uses a lot of repetition steps in every class. After a few classes you will know the basic steps. Remember... this is how Beto, the Creator of Zumba puts it....Feel the Music! Most of all, just have fun! Even if you can't do a step, just move to however the music makes you feel! There is no wrong or right way to Zumba.

One last thing to remember when searching for a Zumba Class...

Make sure the Zumba class that you are interested in is a LEGIT CLASS! There are many "Zumba" classes being offered that are not taught by authorized Zumba Instructors! Please remember: If a company is offering Zumba classes, the individual Instructor MUST be authorized to teach the Zumba class and NOT the company. There is no such thing as a company "being authorized to teach it" It must be the Instructor. Also, in the name description of the class, It cannot have "Zumba" described anywhere in it if the class does NOT have an authorized Zumba Instructor teaching the class. Zumba? and Zumba Fitness? are legal registered trademarks of Zumba LLC.