Fitness Schedule

  • Regular Zumba Class
  • Zumba Gold Class
  • Body Shredding Class
  • Zumba Toning Class
  • Muscle Mix Class
  • Chinese Dance Class

110 Shirley Drive,Richmond Hill


2 Valleywood Drive,Markham


160 East Beaver Creek,Unit 1      Richmond Hill


2 Valleywood Drive,Markham


2 Valleywood Drive,Markham


2 Valleywood Drive,Markham


2 Valleywood Drive,Markham


2 Valleywood Drive,Markham

About Me

Three years ago, with the birth of my daughter, I began struggling to balance among home, my little Baby and work. I was under too much pressure during that time. It was the most difficult period of my life. When my daughter was one year old, I had a chance to learn to teach ZUMBA. ZUMBA is a psychologically comforting dance. When you dance ZUMBA, you gain a kind of joy and happiness that is from inside because the steps are random and done at your own will. There are no strict rules to follow. Thus, it is a very personal dance and can let one’s own spirit soar,like a free bird in the open sky. When I am in the world of ZUMBA, I forget all my issues,pressure and suffering. I thus come to the conclusion that if it can raise my spirit up so greatly, it can also make other people like me be happy and joyful. This is the reason why I finally became a ZUMBA Certified Instructor. So when you are not happy for whatever reason, come to the world of ZUMBA, you will understand it is one of the best ways to get rid of most of problems in your life.

ZUMBA brings joy; Yoga brings peace of the mind. When I am in these two worlds, I forget all the trifle things in life and become more positive, and have given me more hope and enthusiasm to face all the challenges in life. Yoga is like a light in your heart and spirit, She could help you dispel all of darkness.

So my ultimate goal is to help you become happy and empowered through exercise. You will find out so much about yourself and discover your strength when you compel your body to do more than what your mind believes it can do. The human spirit is capable of a lot more than we even know. By simply believing in yourself you can change your life and your body. So take the first step to unveil your strength and unleash your internal spirit.

Welcome to Happy Fitness Club! Share with us your joy and strength.


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